Mirah Sakethi’s expertise is sourced from deep knowledge and proven experience in fields spanning public affairs, monitoring, research and communication, and community development; as well as other services that include media training for senior management and selected industries, and crisis communications.

Public Affairs

We understand that Public Affairs in Indonesia can be complex and intricate due to the democratization process taking place in the country. Many of the stakeholders concerned are still defining their identity and their relationship to each other in the new Indonesia.

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Monitoring, Research and Communications

The need for effective relations between a company, an organization and government is critical: no business can be managed in isolation from the political process and governmental issues are growing and influencing Corporate Communications. Monitoring and up to date information are essential, and our national reach allows us to monitor…

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Community Development

We help companies in achieving a sustainable business through the design, development and excecution of community development programs specifically tailored to the needs of their geographic target areas. We place social, economic, and environment elements into the equation of designing a program for each of our clients...

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Other Services

For more than a decade since its establishment, Mirah Sakethi has formed cooperation and provided assistance to various national and multinational firms as well as government institutions. Project locations range from Indonesia’s westernmost to easternmost points.

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