Company Overview

Company Overview

PT Mirah Sakethi Consultancies In Brief

Mirah Sakethi is an Indonesian firm established in 2004 and engaged in providing public affairs consultancy services. Over the last 18 years Mirah Sakethi has left a strong footprint across almost all of Indonesia and several parts of the world, through trust gained from, and collaboration forged with diverse private as well as public entities comprising national and multinational companies and government institutions, through provision of services that include consultancy and mentorship, reputation management, and corporate positioning and communication strategies.

Mirah Sakethi assists diverse clients by focusing on maximizing investment value through the planning and execution of strategies for improving a company’s operating conditions at the local, provincial, and national levels. At the same time, developments taking place in the international realm are continually monitored and considered for their impact on business practices in Indonesia.

Gaining an understanding of public policy in Indonesia necessitates familiarity with, and capacity within, the three levels of government, namely local, provincial, and central. Mirah Sakethi’s reach at the national level not only allows it access to monitor issues occurring in all government levels, but also access to formulate and carry out overarching strategic measures in various regions and jurisdictions.

Mirah Sakethi adopts several globally applicable operating principles such as The Equator Principles, a performance standard for social and environmental sustainability. At all times and everywhere, Mirah Sakethi endeavors to apply these principles to the firm’s performance framework and strategy. This includes striving to meet standards and guidelines under The Equator Principles as well as other standards such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Performance Standards on Environment and Social Sustainability from International Finance Corporation (IFC), in the services and performance provided.

Mirah Sakethi’s primary expertise is ability to hear and understand each client’s needs and wishes, and to strive to offer the best solutions that are innovative, apt, and viable. In this regard, Mirah Sakethi recognizes that maintaining a good reputation, managing risks, and gaining competitive advantage are inherent to meeting the client’s expectations.

Mirah Sakethi’s expertise and skills are shaped from in-depth knowledge and tested experience. The portfolio of services Mirah Sakethi provides to companies and institutions across almost all of Indonesia, and even overseas, covers the areas of public affairs, monitoring, research and communication, community development, and other services including media training for senior management and certain industries, and crisis communication. Focusing on being a trusted partner, Mirah Sakethi consistently strives to provide excellent performance and real value to clients and partners, in addition to continually endeavoring to be a good corporate citizen.

Since 2014, expertise and tested experience has brought Mirah Sakethi to enter into a global partnership with Albright Stonebridge Group, a prominent global strategic advisory and commercial diplomacy firm based in Washington DC, USA. This firm is headed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.

Human Resources
Mirah Sakethi has grown and developed alongside its clients through placement of excellent and most suitable human resources. Mirah Sakethi understands that strong human resources play a vital part in the performance and success it has achieved to date. This is reflected in the integrity, professionalism, and ethics and dedication, as well as eagerness to learn and work hard, consistently demonstrated beyond expectations by Mirah Sakethi’s entire ranks of top management and operatives.