Community Development

We help companies in achieving a sustainable business through the design, development and excecution of community development programs specifically tailored to the needs of their geographic target areas. We place social, economic, and environment elements into the equation of designing a program for each of our clients.

Our mission in community development is to ensure that the company understands, anticipates and addresses the social challenges taking place in the field. It does this by securing the active participation of the community, local government and other stakeholder groups. Through the implementation of the community development program, we build and strengthen sound communication bridges with all parties involved. We also endeavor to ensure the company understands the values of local wisdom that have guided generations of local people for hundreds of years. In this way positive relationships and interactions are created and maintained between the company and the community.

  • Develop Strategic Planning for Community Development programs in line with company outlook
  • Audit Community Development programs
  • Develop communications strategies for Community Development programs
  • Managing the implementation of Community Development programs